Dave Eloff



What is your biggest accomplishment in your sports?

Competing in and finishing the Ironman 70.3 in East London. If you had asked any of my friends two years ago if they thought I would have finished an olympic distance triathlon, they would have laughed at you. Not to speak of completing the 70.3 Ironman.


What are keys to your success when it comes to training?

For me, the most valuable training I can do is to train with a group of people. The Sterk Span Coaching Academy offers me the opportunity to train with a group of like minded people.  We have group sessions for all three disciplines, swimming, cycling and running. I have also had the privilege of attending a weekend training camp where we trained for all three disciplines and also practiced our transitions. The athletes I train with are all the most amazing people and their support and encouragement are what helps me the most. Unfortunately due to my work I can’t attend all the sessions, however every session I attend is worth gold to me. It just takes one person to offer you advice and sometimes just a small thing like “Hey Dave, you're looking good” that makes the world of difference to me. These small things keep me motivated. 

What is your biggest challenge, and what do you do to manage this challenge?

My biggest challenge is completing all the training sessions due to my work commitments. It is difficult to manage as my work is of such a nature that I don’t have fixed working hours.


What made you decide on triathlon as a sport?

Well I didn’t, I just wanted to swim the Midmar Mile after a friend challenged me to participate in this event. I started looking for a swimming coach and I was told to contact Nico Sterk. Not being a triathlete I had no idea who Nico was. I explained to Nico that I wanted to swim the Midmar Mile and that with my work schedule it was difficult to train on specific days and times. Nico told me not to worry about that and that he could help me. We got together and so my swimming training started. I then progressed to swimming with the swimming squad. What I didn’t know was these “swimmers” were all triathletes. I completed my first Midmar Mile in 2014 and then everyone wanted to know what was next. Why not a compete in a triathlon they asked and that was the start.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

I have been given lots of good advice during my lifetime but with regards to sport one of my friends suggested I get a swimming coach before attempting to swim the Midmar mile. This was the best advice anyone could have given me and it’s because of this advice that I contacted Nico Sterk for assistance. It is with the Sterk Span Coaching Academy that I have met the most wonderful people and made fiends with the greatest bunch of athletes.


Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?

I don’t have a saying but I believe in honesty and integrity and that's how I like to live my life.


What is your next goal that you would like to achieve?

My first goal was just to complete an olympic distance triathlon, then the next was Ironman 70.3 in East London. I’ve achieved both of these goals, now I would like to improve on my times for these events.


What do you like and dislike most about your sport?

I can’t think of anything I dislike about the sport. What I enjoy the most is the camaraderie that all the athletes have. Everyone and in particular all the athletes that train with Nico are so supportive and always have a word of encouragement for me. 

Short story to illustrate this point.

During the East London 70.3 triathlon and while on the run. I had just started my first lap and was on my out run, Annerie Kruger who was completing her second lap on the way to the red carpet saw me and ran across the road to give me a high five and and said “Dave you're looking good”. Those few words put a huge smile on my face. The thing is it wasn’t just Annerie, all of my fellow athletes, now my mates, had a word or two of encouragement and that is what makes this sport great. 

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